Top 10 ways to blend business and being a mom1.     Breathe and cut yourself some slack. You are doing an awesome job juggling it all and you REALLY need to know that, deep down in your core. Kids don’t come with a “how to” manual, neither do most businesses, so believe you are figuring it out as best you can.

2.     Stop doing all the ‘little stuff’. Become selfish with your time and ask yourself this question ALL the time; can I automate, delegate or outsource this?

3.     In your business, look at what jobs you do that make you money, like serve customers and what jobs you do that don’t make you money, like paperwork. Make a list so you can really see where you are spending your time.

Increase your time making money and get someone else to do the other jobs like the paperwork. This will increase your sales and profits, which allows for breathing room in your business.

4.     Do the same at home, but the focus this time is busy tasks, that take time but give you no personal satisfaction or soul care, like cleaning, versus connection and soul care, like making your child’s soccer games every time. Think again how you can get rid of the busy tasks and increase the connection tasks.

5.     Make your health a priority. This is your number one asset and you only know this once it’s gone and you can’t do everything you need to do. Make eating for nourishment and energy a priority. Don’t skip meals, drink minimum 2 liters of water a day and get rest.

6.     Make sure that you hug the important people in your life everyday. Look them in the eyes, tell them you love them and you are so happy they are your kidlets or your husband. Incorporating this in your day everyday will make sure that they understand what they mean to you, and you had some connection, even on the busiest days.

7.     Have a mantra that you can resort to when the day gets out of control that will control your thinking and stop you from plunging into “stinking thinking”, which just brings more problems. Here is mine.

“I am living a life full of momentum and abundance. I am brimming with even more energy and gratitude. I love my life! Life is easy, life is good, and life is fun! I am a money magnet and the universe always provides me with all the money I want and need. Money is always moving towards me and I am so grateful I live in such abundance of love, connection and peace.”

8.     Have something that is just for you. You need this one thing to keep your sanity and to have some time out. A song blaring in the car, a technology free day on Sunday, 10 minutes of yoga in the morning before everyone is up, a bubble bath. Whatever gives you the chance to stop, breathe, relax and say, “this is me time.”

9.     Block out time on your calendar for personal holidays and tell everyone in your business that you will be taking this time. When it becomes non negotiable, you move everything towards making that happen. Set your business up to make sure it continues on while you are away, but do not back out of this. Your family all needs something to look forward to.

10. Laugh every day. Laughter has been known to cure cancer and many other ills. Watch a funny video on YouTube; get a joke delivered to your inbox daily, whatever works for you. Laugh and watch how your body responds. You relax, life looks good and it reminds you to have fun. Laugh and watch your mindset improve.

Laughing will remind you too that you ‘used to be fun’ and that person is still there waiting to climb out from under ‘everything’. Give yourself this gift.

To your business success,