2016business planning

Hello 2016!! You know what that means: It’s Planning time!!

Christmas has finished, the rush has subsided and retail staff everywhere are heaving a collective sigh of relief!

Now that New Year’s has passed, it it time to plan to make 2016 your best EVER year!

It is crucial that you do it early too – if you wait too long, then January is already half gone and before you know it, you’ll be ¼ of the way through the year with no real plan.

And the beauty of a plan, is that it gives you control of where you want your business to go, instead of being swept along by the day to day.

There are differences between a good plan and a bad plan though!!

Have you ever been pushed for time and you need to do something for your Head Office and you just put a few numbers into a form and send it in?

I have, a number of times!

But I found that when I winged it, I didn’t have a clear idea in my head of where I was headed and my business results reflected that.

So, I changed the way I did my plan and my results changed.

Now I use the following formula to make sure that I have everything that I need to focus, and to do it properly:

  1. Time: I make sure I have the time to spend a good couple of hours to really look at past results, current trends in my figures and what targets I want my business to hit for that year.
  2. No distractions: I can’t do my planning in my store. The constant interruptions break my concentration. I always make sure that it’s in my office when no one is home or a coffee shop without kidlets!
  3. A good night’s sleep or a break: When I have a foggy mind, I tend to go back to winging the numbers! If I know that I am going to spend time analysing figures, planning for the future etc, where I can, I try to do it after a couple of days away or at least a good night’s sleep. (I said where I can! Sometimes kidlets don’t sleep like they’re supposed to, lol!)
  4. All the figures I need from the previous couple of years and the current figures of the network that I’m in. How can I plan to beat last year and the current benchmark of the network, if I don’t know what they are? I don’t want to waste time looking for something once I’ve started, so I make sure I have it all before I start.
  5. Coffee! This is a given! And a drink for when I am done!

Following these steps has really helped me know what is happening NOW in my business AND where I am headed.

It helps me feel proactive, not reactive and it helps me feel in control.

I hope it helps you too!

Til next time,

Big hugs

Ted xo