What are apps are you using in your business?

Today I wanted to share the apps we use everyday in our businesses.

These save us time and energy as everything is at our fingertips and our productivity has definitely increased using these.

Check them out below!


1.     Evernote. This is a robust note taking tool. We use this as a list building tool, which also stores content and allows for multiple projects and users. It syncs to multiple devices, so you will no longer have to do lists all over the place.  Everyone on your team can all see and contribute in the same place, increasing productivity and cohesive storage of ideas. So many things can be saved, such as: audio recordings, websites, webcam shots and files can be added to notebooks. You can have multiple notebooks and choose to share them with other users whilst keeping others private. There is a free version or a business version for $10 per month.


2.     Dropbox: We would be lost without Dropbox! We store everything on here. Docs, pictures, presentations, everything you can imagine. It is also syncs with every device, so you never get in the situation again of not having a doc or presentation with you.  The other great thing about this is that you can share links to large files (or folders) so that you don’t have to email them if you have email size restrictions. Dropbox also uses versioning of your files, this means that you can go back to previous versions if you saved the file by accident. There is a free version, but we have upgraded for more storage. You also can gain more free storage by inviting others to join dropbox.

1Password3.     1Password: This is a lifesaver for all those passwords, and logins, that you will never remember on your own! 1password  will autofill the details for you and we use it for both business and personal.  This also syncs to all devices and with the digital world we live in and the need for so many passwords etc, this is a must! You can choose to insert your own passwords or it will generate them for you. The 1Password extensions for common web browsers make it easy to save new passwords as it prompts you to add log in details as you visit your password protected sites. It is not free, but the cost is so worth not having the hassle!


4.     Facebook/Facebook Pages Manager: Facebook is fundamental for businesses today as a way to engage with your customers. When looking for information on a new business, customers generally go to your website, then search for your Facebook page. Facebook pages manager allows you to manage your business page, so that you can update it easily and we use this daily also. The updated app also has a better analytics section so you can see what is going on with your pages and makes it easier to react to notifications.


5.     Twitter: Whether you are a twitter fan or not, it does get results for business. Having the app allows you easy access to tweet throughout the day to connect with your customers. Just remember that Twitter is going increasingly visual, so plan photos and videos in your tweets too. You will get much better engagement.



linked in .png

6.     LinkedIn: This is also a must for business and there are so many groups you can join on LinkedIn that can give you great introductions, referrals or information relevant to your business. We also use it for research before we meet new clients, so we may understand their backgrounds, areas of expertise etc.

The ability to do targeted searches is also a fantastic tool. If, for example, you want to reach out CEOs of a certain type of company in your area you can search for these people and if you have a paid account you are able to email them from LinkedIn. There is a free account and also different levels of paid accounts. The paid accounts allow you to inbox other members, get better search results and see complete profiles of who has been viewing your profile. For most business owners, the free account is all you will need.

skype and viber.png

7.     Skype/Viber: Why pay for phone calls when you can connect with your customers for free? While there are upgraded packages available, like Skype Premium, which we use for the multiple callers and screen share ability, most people are happy to connect on Skype or Viber and save on the cost of the call.


Honorable Mention:  Bitly

I threw this in because we are using it more and more for our content and posting to social media. This will take your URL and make it short and you can also create custom bit.ly links for your business. This is great if you have to verbally tell someone a link as you can make it something that makes sense to the site. For example we use – bit.ly/ComplimentarySSS instead ofsuccessbusinesssolutions.com/complimentary-sss. This is great especially for Twitter where you get a limited number of characters. The other bonus with bitly is if you have an account you can track how many times that link is clicked. This is good to see how popular a blog post is or if a certain tweet performs better than others.

I hope this gave you some valuable tools you can use in your business! Please let us know of any other apps/tools you find helpful so that our other readers can benefit.

To your Business Success,