saturday chill day pin

Today I have one of the greatest blessings of the Christmas season: a Saturday Chill Day!

A day where;

  • We have nothing booked for TapSnap
  • There is no school or preschool to rush to get to
  • There are no Christmas parties with friends or relatives today
  • We are still all sitting around in our jammies, by the fire, watching TV or the iPad
  • Breakfast has stretched out over about 3 hours
  • We have nowhere to be and nothing to do and it is glorious!

With such a busy time of year, the space to just ‘be’ is so nice!

I have found that the best way for us to really enjoy Christmas is to make sure that there is time in the lead up to chill:

  • A day of Christmas shopping evened out with a Christmas movie and popcorn
  • A sleep in, a leisurely lunch, then getting ready for a huge Christmas party
  • A week of work, shopping, parties, school concerts and a weekend of free time, mental space and time for snuggles.

Being a Libra, I am all about balance and this is the best way that I know to feel human by the time Christmas actually rolls around!

prioritize your priorities

This is also the second Christmas that we don’t have a retail franchise that goes nuts over the Christmas season and that is a big reason why we have days that we can chill in the lead up to Christmas.

So, if you are still in a retail business, know that I feel for you and here are some ways that we found helpful when we had our franchise:

Empower your staff to run a day without you. (Nothing is worse on your supposed “day off”, than 10 phone calls from your business. You don’t get the mental break. Forward plan your day off, address any potential issues before that day with the key staff members and let them know that you are trusting them to make decisions on that day, with your blessing. AND, that they should only call you in the case of an emergency (then stipulate what is an emergency.)

Get Christmas shopping done early. Online shopping is a blessing here! So is cash and gift cards. Set a shopping date to take advantage of the sales and spend some time with loved ones after the rush dies down.

Make sure you are eating properly and getting rest. The hardest Christmases for me were the ones when the twins were little and not sleeping, yet the days in the shop were insane, then home again with the twins, no sleep, repeat. That lead to pizza delivery for dinner, a cinnamon bun in the shop for a pick me up, sugar crashes and a Christmas morning where I struggled to even wake up, let along enjoy it!

you have done enough today

So, schedule a chill day for yourself and really take the time to breathe, & enjoy the season.

It only comes once a year.

Big hugs my fellow parentpreneurs!

Ted xo