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What is the one thing most people will tell you they are short on?


So as a business owner, you would think that making sure you respected your customer’s time would be an easy way to give great customer service.

But sadly, this is not the case in a lot of businesses.

Here are some examples of how different business owners often waste their customer’s time:

  • Not opening the business at the advertised time, making customers wait while you are 5-10 minutes late.
  • Not calling a customer when you said you would and they have specifically set aside time for your call.
  • Not having a regular product and asking the customer to come back tomorrow.
  • Not delivering what you said in an allotted time. This is routinely done on webinars that say they are going to be 60 minutes long and run overtime to 75, 90 or 120 minutes.

It is time that business owner’s wake up to the fact that customers are short on time, and they are busy.


It’s as simple as that.

Customers have options now. There are heaps of people selling what you are selling. If you waste their time, they’ll go somewhere else.

Why do you think online shopping is so popular?

They can do it when they want, it’s cheaper and they can choose delivery options, which are convenient to them.

Very easy and it saves them time.

The one commodity we all need and want more of.

So, if you are a business owner, here is how to make it easy for customer’s to choose your business;

  • Open when you say you are going to open. At the end of the day that is about integrity honoring your word and doing what you say you are going to do. The base of professionalism.
  • Call when you say you are going to call. Your customer may not be ready, but you are showing up professionally, and honoring your commitment.
  • If you don’t have what a customer wants, go above and beyond to get it to them. Make it specially, or deliver it to them, or give it to them free for wasting their time. They will appreciate your respect of their time and they will return.
  • If you are stating a timeframe that an event will go for, then stick to the timeframe. You may think you are over delivering value by going over time, but you instantly raise the stress level of your customers if they have made a commitment after that time. They will then be reluctant to do business with you again, because they are not sure how long it will take, and they are too busy to carve out such a large chunk of time.

Many business owners struggle to build their businesses. So why make it harder by ignoring basic concepts.

Start with this absolute core, base ingredient in your business and watch how your customers react.

We can help you systemize your business, so that you can put core processes, such as “what to do when you are out of a certain product” in place, that serves your customers and increase your profits.

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To your business success,