Are you courageous enough in your business?This was a question I asked myself this morning as I prepared for our very first webinar.

We have been building this free online training for about 1 month now, and today was the day that we were going live for the first time.

As I sat in front of the computer, making sure I had my notes in order, and I practiced moving from the Webinar Jam screen to the Presentation screen, my nerves were definitely building!

We had people waiting to hear what we had to say and it was all now very real.

Our training was called Franchise Hacks: How to Use the Power of their Systems to get More Time and Money in your Business. This is a subject that I am absolutely passionate about, I live it everyday and I mentor business owners on how to build systems that leverage them from the day to day running of their business.

I was not concerned about the topic and what I was going to say.

I loved what I was going to teach! I could do it all day!

But now I was going to be talking to people that I had not met.

  •  Did the way I put together my information flow well?
  •  Was it the best information I could teach them?
  •  Was it clear enough and could they apply it straight away?
  •  Would they like me and my style and would they relate to me?

While I was wondering this and getting ready, I had the thought did I have the courage to keep pushing our business into areas that were new, and therefore bringing stress and worry and the feeling of not being sure of what I was doing?

Was I courageous enough to keep pushing outside my comfort zone and forcing myself and our business to grow?

Feeling uncomfortable is familiar territory for entrepreneurs.

The entrepreneurial spirit that pushes you forward and drives you to invent new products, or conquer new territories or build new relationships is deep inside the heart and it drives you to push the boundaries and achieve amazing things.

It is the head that starts to say, “hang on a minute, is this a good idea? “ and brings in the doubt and the second-guessing.

So, I ignored my head, followed my heart and went on to deliver 4 webinar trainings. Everyone attended and they found great value in the information.

It was fun and I am now planning our next webinar series for our Ultimate Staff Training System.

And my answer is yes, I am courageous enough, and because I was, hosting webinar trainings is now a known and I am comfortable.

How are you pushing yourself and your business forward?

Dedicated to your business success,