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Leigh Matheson, Author at The Franchise Parentpreneur
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Leigh Matheson

About Leigh Matheson

Leigh is a successful business owner who along with his wife, Teriann, have managed, leased and owned over 10 businesses over 15 years. He lives in beautiful British Columbia, Canada with Teriann and their 3 awesome kids and Maxie the Golden Lab.

5 Things Franchisees Wish They’d Known Before Buying In

Everyone has their own ideas about what buying a franchise will be like, but like any big undertaking in life, you have no real idea until you are actually doing it. It’s like having kids, you don’t REALLY know what

I Wanted To Be My Own Boss So Bad I Screwed Up

When I bought a franchise, it never crossed my mind that it would fail.   It got so bad, that every week I had to meet with my bookkeeper to look at cash flow, to see how much longer I

Stick To Pricing Guidelines!

Have you ever been shopping and seen a cheaper price for something you just bought? Sucks doesn’t it!? You feel cheated and wonder why another business sold it for higher and it might even lead you to never shop at that business