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Teriann Matheson, Author at The Franchise Parentpreneur
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Teriann Matheson

About Teriann Matheson

Teriann is a successful business owner who along with her husband, Leigh, have managed, leased and owned over 10 businesses over 15 years. All this while having 3 kidlets and a dog - oh and living in another country away from a family support base!

I never want you to go through what I went through……why The Franchise Parentpreneur was born.

Owning a failing franchise was the most stressful, gut-wrenching, soul-destroying experience I have ever been through. I spent many a sleepless night trying to work out how I was going to get myself out of this mess. I had a

Why business owners should consider disability insurance

I posted not long ago that a business owner's number 1 asset is their health. That was highlighted in the past week, when I sprained my ankle, and I spent yesterday at a hospital with a good friend, who has

Tug of War! 1 employee, 3 bosses = BUSINESS DISASTER!

Leigh and I became franchisees on our own, separate from each other, before we met. Neither of us needed the other one to run a business. That was all well and good when we had multiple businesses - we had

3 articles to help you with Mommy Guilt

As a franchisee and a parent, there is always the struggle to spend the right amount of time at home with the kidlets and at work. It is something that many people write about, because they know that so many

Why your HEALTH is your #1 Asset

As a business owner and parent, I take my health for granted. I am always pushing myself to get things done, achieve set goals, be a good mum, have time for some friends and fun, squeeze in some exercise, etc,

The Power Of Being Positive

Are you a positive person? As a business owner, the number of things that can pop up in your day can be staggeringly ENORMOUS! The mindset that you have around your business, your home life and life in general can

My “I DID IT!” List

Are you one of those people who have a Bucket List? A list of all the things that you are going to do within your lifetime, to feel that you have really lived? I am one of those people. My

2016 Business Planning

Hello 2016!! You know what that means: It's Planning time!! Christmas has finished, the rush has subsided and retail staff everywhere are heaving a collective sigh of relief! Now that New Year's has passed, it it time to plan to

A White Envelope & The Spirit of Christmas

4 sleeps to Christmas! My kids are sooo excited! We have a house full of family visiting from Australia and we have friends coming for Christmas dinner too. It is going to be full, noisy, fun and wonderful and I

How a Mentor up levelled my Business

A Mentor gives and helps people. Christmas is a time of giving and I was thinking about the mentors who have given me their wisdom, time and help throughout my franchise career. I have had many people mentor me; my