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Teriann Matheson

About Teriann Matheson

Teriann is a successful business owner who along with her husband, Leigh, have managed, leased and owned over 10 businesses over 15 years. All this while having 3 kidlets and a dog - oh and living in another country away from a family support base!

Will you be a Franchisee in 2016?

Is 2016 the year that you will become a franchisee? It is natural at the end of the year to think about how your year shaped up, what you want to achieve in the new year and if there are

Aahh… Saturday Chill Day

Today I have one of the greatest blessings of the Christmas season: a Saturday Chill Day! A day where; We have nothing booked for TapSnap There is no school or preschool to rush to get to There are no Christmas

Working Parents: Stressed, Tired & Rushed?

Working Parents ARE tired, stressed and rushed! That's my opinion and I draw my conclusion from the fact that I am one, AND that is how I feel, lol!! The reason for today's topic is an article that I found

How 5 Mega Entrepreneurs Get Balance

  Balance. It's a much talked about concept for parentpreneurs. I am always extremely interested in finding out how successful entrepreneurs balance business and family. Can anyone really be successful in BOTH areas of their lives, or does one suffer

3 ways to still be a good leader – even when you’re having the DAY FROM HELL!

My ability to be a good leader was sorely tested today! This was not the post I was going to write originally, but after a day from hell, I had to write this and share how I tried to still

The Pomodoro App – Increase your productivity & focus

Time for a product review today: The Pomodoro App Can you say 'love'!! I LOVE this app! I was put onto this app by Racheal Cook and her Fired Up & Focused Challenge held in September this year. (She will

DIY Cold Remedy For Busy Parents

Hello! It's that time of the year again; cold & flu season! Yuk! Snotty noses, mouth breathing, kids that bring home every single virus under the sun to share with their brothers & sisters! And us! It feels like you

Bonus Wrap up! – Make next year’s planning EASY!

Howdy! So, you've had your big day and I am sure that it smashed those targets that you set! I hope that you are over the moon with your results and you can really see the value in planning, staff

Part 3 – How to make your sales ‘POP’ this Christmas

Hello! Today we are finishing this series with Part 3 - "Executing the Day/s". This is where all your planning and preparation come together and the 'rubber hits the road' as they say. So, let's walk through it. *Note -

Part 2 – How to make your sales POP this Christmas

Hi there! We're continuing on with our series, "How to make your sales POP this Christmas!" and today we'll go through part 2 - Planning & Getting Ready. Last post, we set our record targets, so that you know what