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Teriann Matheson

About Teriann Matheson

Teriann is a successful business owner who along with her husband, Leigh, have managed, leased and owned over 10 businesses over 15 years. All this while having 3 kidlets and a dog - oh and living in another country away from a family support base!

How to make your sales ‘POP’ this Christmas!

Christmas is just over 1 month away and retail franchisees know that this is the busiest time of year. It is CRUCIAL that you have a huge Christmas season with massive sales! The cashflow will help set you up for

Hello Franchise Parentpreneur!

Times, they are a changin'! Ever tried something and found it missed the mark? We have and that is why The Franchise Parentpreneur was born. Success Business Solutions wasn't clear enough to let people know what we do. It is

Why Reinventing yourself is a good thing!

Change is a word that many people have a problem with, yet our world changes around us everyday, and now days, it changes really quickly! The days of having maybe one or two jobs in your lifetime are gone. Even

The Importance of You

Life can be overwhelming! There is so much happening everyday in this busy world that we live in, that we can feel buried, burnt out and like there are things piling on top of you all the time! It was feeling

Energy Boosters for Tired Parents

Exhausted parents resting Life is busy. Not just for parents, for everyone. It is such a ‘go,go,go’ life that we live, we can all use ways that are easy to keep our energy levels topped up. I bring

STRESS RELIEF: Laughing So Hard, You Have Tears Streaming Down Your Face!

I am all about feeling good in 2015.  Releasing what does not serve me, embracing what does and making it a regular part of my life. This has been something I really felt compelled to do since I turned 40

Mastering the “guilt” of doing nothing

Hi there! I’m finally back at it, after a break over the Christmas, and New Year period. I hope that your holiday season was a fun time with family and friends. Ours was. Our kidlets are 4, 4 and 2

Christmas time = Crazy time!

I love Christmas!! The lights, the planning of the presents, imagining the looks on faces when the kids open those presents, catching up with family & friends, and plum pudding with custard (not something that you may have here in

Outsource, Automate or Delegate

Smart, successful business owners know that to really take your business to the next level, you cannot do it all yourself. You do not have the time. You will not have the energy. You cannot sustain an exhaustive workload

You’re Fired! What one mum wishes she could say to her children

All working parents who are in a position of management will identify with this: The times when you wish that you could fire your child the same way that you can with a staff member who is under performing! I