bonus wrap up


So, you’ve had your big day and I am sure that it smashed those targets that you set!

I hope that you are over the moon with your results and you can really see the value in planning, staff interaction and pushing the limits of what you think you can do.

Now, in this wrap up, we are going to make it very easy for you to plan for this day next year.

The key thing to do now is to make notes for next year while everything is still fresh in your mind.

So let’s go through the process:

Step 1: Write notes for yourself for next year.

Write down anything that you can think about the day that will have a bearing on next year:

  • What was the weather like? Did that effect sales in any way?
  • What time did the ‘rushes’ hit?
  • Did you have enough staff at the rush times?
  • How about product? Did you run out of product at any time?
  • Do you need to alter either the staff schedule or production schedule to better capitalise next year?
  • Did you have any hiccups, like damaged product or a late staff member that had an impact on your day? How can you safe guard against this next year?
  • How was everyone’s mood? Do you need more coffee next year? More snacks? Shorter shifts to keep energy up?

Write down any little thing that you want to alter for next year now, because believe me, in 12 months time, there is not a hope that you will remember them and they will make a difference to your sales.

Step 2: Store the information so that it is easy to access

If you are a paper lover:

If all your notes are on paper, then create a file in your filing cabinet that has copies of the following:

  • Staff schedule
  • Production schedule
  • Notes about how the day ran
  • Order sheets
  • Any other relevant information that you will need to check when you are planning next year.

If you prefer paperless:

Create a Drop Box folder or Google Drive folder labelled Big Day Planning and inside create a folder for this big day (e.g. Christmas 2015) & include:

  • Electronic copies of the staff schedule
  • Electronic copies of the production schedule
  • Scanned pics of the order sheets
  • Scanned pics of the notes that you made
  • Scanned pics of anything else that is relevant to next year

Step 3: Make sure that you have that beer that you put away for yourself!

You pushed your business to the next level!

You hit record sales!

You did a recap and got organised for next year already!

It is definitely time for you to sit down, enjoy a drink (even if its tea or whatever your ‘thing’ is) and feel good that you did everything in your power to ‘blow the lid off’ your Big Day this year and next year, you’ll go even bigger again!

Well done!

Until next time, cheers!

Ted xo