Christmas time equals crazy timeI love Christmas!!

The lights, the planning of the presents, imagining the looks on faces when the kids open those presents, catching up with family & friends, and plum pudding with custard (not something that you may have here in North America, but a standard in Australia and OH SO GOOD!!)

What I don’t like about Christmas is how crazy it gets in the lead up to Christmas and the feeling of being so knackered on Christmas Day, that it takes double coffees to get me upright for presents!

Why does Christmas have to be so hectic?

When you are a parentpreneur, like we are, the speed of life hits warp speed as everything comes to a head at once.

Business gets busy. This is a prime time for retail and being a business owner in a mall, the shopping hours are extended in December, to allow for holiday shopping. So there’s extra work hours. Our photo booth business also ramps up, as we are awesome fun at all the Christmas dos! Whereas we primarily work weekends during the year, we work most nights of the week as people fit in Christmas parties.

It’s parties galore! Every organization, group, club, association etc. has a Christmas shindig. At the beginning, it is fun to get out and catch up with everyone, dress up and have a few bevvies. By the 6th party in 2 weeks, you can crave a night on the couch in your pjs!

Kids events wrap up. I do love these, they are so cute! School concerts, school plays, and preschool Christmas parties! They get so excited and love to dress up and perform. I wouldn’t miss these for the world, but it is something else that needs your time.

Family traditions. Whatever your family traditions are, these get slotted in this month too. Ours is to buy a tree and decorate it, buy giving tree gifts: one for each kidlet and they get to pick the gift, Santa photos and the lights and train in Stanley Park. These are all things we love to do; yet they take time.

Friends and Family Christmas parties. Families all have their own way of celebrating Christmas and this can mean different days for different sides of the family. Then, there are the friends that you really want to say Merry Christmas too and have a wine with.

Visitors! That means while we love having them, it also means getting the beds ready, cleaning the house and making sure there is food to feed them!

The food! Superstore is a place that I only venture at night or early morning this time of year to avoid the crowds! A big shop in December gets me through Christmas lead up, Christmas Day and the days after. Milk top ups are from the gas station and fruit & veg from the neighborhood Fruiticana early in the morning!

As life gets hectic, try these things out, they work for us:

  • Do all your present shopping as early as you can, so you don’t feel that pressure to buy gifts while spending your time attending all the events you have on.
  • Have lots of wine on hand. It is a great last minute gift when you have forgotten someone and you can crack a bottle when you need to!
  • Block a couple of days in there, where you tell people you have something on, but you don’t and you get to chill on the couch with that wine!

I hope that these tips help you have an enjoyable, low stress Christmas!

You deserve to have a great time busy parentpreneur!!

Til next time, hugs!

Ted x0