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As a franchisee and a parent, there is always the struggle to spend the right amount of time at home with the kidlets and at work.

It is something that many people write about, because they know that so many people are effected by it.

We are no different and I am always looking for ways to allocate my time better, to make the guilt go away and to make me feel like I am managing it all well!

So, I decided that for this blog, I would bring some suggestions from other people on how they deal with mommy guilt, as an easy way for you to get some helpful tips.

And a quick note, it is labelled as Mommy Guilt, but it effects Dads too! I would prefer we say parent guilt, but that’s not how the articles are labelled!

So, here are 3 different takes from 3 different working parents and how they handle mommy guilt:

This is Christy Wright, who has 1 son and is part of the Dave Ramsey Personalities Team.

She works with women who have their own businesses, which involves speaking and travelling.

This is her take on how she manages her guilt when she is on the road.

This is a post by Jennifer Weeden Palazzo, who has a creator/writer/producer of Mom Cave TV and has 1 son.

It talks about choosing to work to keep a sense of herself, which I know is something that I can relate to.

I am a mom and I love it, but I also love to work. It feels like I am still ‘me’.

Read about how her choice to work impacts her life.

This is a great article by Stephanie Dolgoff for Parenting Magazine.

It is funny, it talks about loving the good stuff and cutting yourself some slack with the other stuff!


So there you go guys. EVERYONE who is a working parent deals with this.

It’s nice to hear about everyone else’s struggles too and the ways that they deal with it.

So, hard working franchisees, take a deep breath, know that you are doing a great job and keep going!

Til next time,

Big hugs

Ted xo