Declaring war on business failure G’day! We are Leigh & Teriann Matheson
Our family

Leigh, Teriann, Charlie, Ella and Millie

We are Aussies, living in Vancouver Canada.

We have 3 gorgeous little kidlets, aged 4 and under and we have been successful business owners for the last 14 years.

Our company is Success Business Solutions and we have declared war on the small business failure rate!

Why that may be relevant to you is that we coach business owners and we see too many fail, which is just heartbreaking, when we know it was the dream of that owner to have a successful business.


With a statistic like this; “50% of businesses fail in the first 5 years”, one in two businesses started today will fail and we can’t stand by and watch that happen.

We have managed, owned and sold 10 businesses in 2 countries over 14 years and we know what it takes to run a successful business. It can be hard. It can be all consuming. It can be stressful if it is not performing well.

To be your own boss can also be the best decision you have ever made.

We have had amazing, profitable businesses, where life was full and fun and we have both had businesses that verged on bankruptcy, taking us to the verge of despair, financial ruin and insurmountable stress.

We love business and wouldn’t consider doing anything else and we LOVE small business owners. These people should be held up as champions, who have taken a risk to follow a dream and live the life of a business owner.

They employ people, they generate income for the economy, they support their communities through donating products, time, money and experience.

They deserve to be held in the highest regard and we are here to do that.

We just have a different way of looking at business.

Why would you rush in, full of passion and excitement and 6 months later, be in over your head? So many people spend time, money and effort on trying to “fix something.”

Why would you do that?

We are all about taking that passion and excitement and adding to it. Adding a plan on how things are going to run day to day, adding advisors who can help you with all the new things you are going to have to learn, adding systems to your business, so it runs smoothly and easily.

By adding all these things at the beginning, there will be less to “fix” once you are in. You just focus on taking your business to the next level, and the next and onto success, just like you dreamed of.

So, that’s why we are here. We will focus on “adding” knowledge and value and tips to new business owners BEFORE they begin.

We will also do it using stories, pictures, checklists, videos and tutorials. We have found many people learn best visually, so we will make sure we incorporate that in our style.

That’s how we are going to declare war on the small business failure rate, by equipping new business owners for success before they begin and we will crush that horrible statistic – one business at a time.

Thanks for hanging with us.

To your business success!