Do you love what you do?Are you one of the lucky ones that loves what you do?

Leigh and I met a man yesterday who at the age of 70, spoke to us about the importance of spending your time doing what you love.

His name was Ib and he was a wonderful man, who very generously spoke to us about how over the last 33 years, he had focused on doing what he loved and the benefits he had received, both physically and mentally.

At the very young age of 70, he was still working when he wanted and overseeing his multiple businesses, he travelled the world regularly, had a loving family, with 9 grandchildren and he was healthy and vital.

To meet someone who has everything in life that you strive for was a very powerful meeting for Leigh and I, and when we left Ib, we looked at each other and said, “ Wow, we are on the right track!”

Sometimes we feel, like I’m sure you do, like we are beating our heads against a wall and we are pushing sand up hill!

While we love mentoring business owners on how to leverage the power of systems in their businesses, building a global business takes hard work, perseverance and true grit when the going gets tough!

Ib had lots of pearls of wisdom to share with us, but 2 really stood out:

  • Focus on doing what you love and you don’t feel like you are working. The fact that he just turned 70, yet has no plans to retire is testament to that. Why would he retire from his passion? He loves his work and it is still fun for him, even after 33 years.
  • Setbacks will not cost you your vision, if you keep pushing forward after you get knocked down. Ib went through some hard times within those 33 years, yet today he enjoys a wealthy life. Loving what you do will also make it easier to start all over again if you have to, like he did.

Ib was around the age we are now when he really found what he loved and that was so profound to us. We are both turning 40 this year and to know he was around the same age and to see what he has built, was both inspiring and validating to both of us. To see someone living our dream was the real shot in the arm we needed.

So, ask yourself, are you doing what you love? It is never too late to start doing what makes your heart and soul sing, because we only get one go around and you deserve to love your life.

Thank you Ib! Many wonderful wishes to you and yours!

Dedicated to your Business Success,