Exhausted parents resting

Exhausted parents resting

Life is busy. Not just for parents, for everyone.

It is such a ‘go,go,go’ life that we live, we can all use ways that are easy to keep our energy levels topped up.

I bring this up, as a lady at work and I were discussing how we both have young kids, they all routinely wake up in the middle of the night and no matter how much sleep we have, or how we feel, we then have to go to work to make enough money to pay for everything.

We began sharing ways we keep our energy levels up, and our minds alert through out the day, even though we would dearly love to crawl into bed and make the world go away for a while!

Hopefully these tips can help you too:

1. Coffee. It’s a given, but I do try to limit the amount of cups I have in a day. One in the morning and one in the afternoon to ward off the 3pm slump and that’s all. Too much coffee gives me a headache, so this is my limit.
2. Caffeine free energy drinks. These are based in Vitamin B, and do not have any caffeine. Adi, the lady I work with drinks these instead of coffee, as she does not like caffeine, having been addicted to normal energy drinks once before.

3. Music. This is for me. Being alone in the car is a luxury for me now and I LOVE to crank the music and get boppin’! Yep, I’m one of those chicks that you see at the lights, dancing in my seat in the minivan, and singing at the top of my lungs! A couple of songs later and I am awake, smiling and feeling the energy pumping through my veins. Try it, and a note for my friends, this is why I don’t answer my phone in the car – I can’t hear you!

4. Vitamins. We both really notice our energy levels dip if we don’t have our vitamins. I take a multi and calcium every day and anytime I forget, I am likely to get a cold or be in a slump. With the way we eat sometimes; on the go, or half meals because we are jumping up and down to kids during meal times, or serving up something that is quick and easy and what they will eat, its not a bit of wonder we may be missing a few key nutrients here and there! Do you take vitamins every day?

5. Essential oils. Smelling pure orange oil and peppermint oil instantly wakes me up and puts me in a good mood. I have tiny little bottles that a good friend sent me and it is easy to put in your purse or diaper bag to get an energy boost. Here is a link to my friends essential oil website if you want to find good quality oils that will pick you up too. http://www.mydoterra.com/angeladoucette

6. Movement. Stretching and yoga and running on the spot are simple, quick and easy ways I get my blood pumping and my energy ramped up. We all sit too long; at work, in the car, on the couch and those little bits of movement get the heart pumping enough to make you feel awake and alert.

What are some other ways that you get your energy levels up?

As a tired parent, I would love other suggestions too!

Ted xx