Enjoy your vacation

Leigh and I had a chance to take a quick 4-day vacation, without the kids, for the first time in almost 5 years last week.

My parents were going to take care of our kidlets, as a 40th birthday present and we jumped at the chance to head to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

We were sooo looking forward to the sun, beach and drinks by the pool. But most importantly, the chance to reconnect to each other, catch up on some sleep, have some fun and ditch work for a while.

As we were packing, the mind frick kicked in.

  • Do I take my computer on the plane and do some work on the flight down, so that I am not too far behind when I come back?
  •  Do I do work on the flight back, because I will be refreshed and the ideas will flow and I will be brimming energy?
  • Is there WIFI, so that I can check for important emails in case something comes up?

I caught myself thinking these thoughts, and thought, “It’s 4 days!! Get a grip!”

I decided to do the following:

I was going off grid for a week.

No computer, no phone.

I took my ipad, but had it on flight mode, as it has all my books on it.

It was such a relief to not have to worry about anything while we were away, but I will admit, my mind kept wondering what was going on that I was unaware of, and if I was missing any thing important by not being in the loop.

Why are we so dependent on “keeping in touch?”

Why do we feel so guilty when we turn off the electronics?

When did it get so bad, that we can’t even go 4 days without checking email?

Everyone will agree, that it is exhausting trying to keep up in this crazy world.

So when I had this chance at a break, why couldn’t I really take it without having these thoughts?

Nothing happened while we were gone, but it is the worry that we will miss something that plays on our mind.

So to ditch the guilt for yourself, do the following:

  • Tell everyone that you are going away and will be “off grid”
  • Have emergency contacts in place in case something goes wrong in your business. Choose someone who can make decisions for you, so you don’t need to be contacted.
  • Where possible, leave your electronics at home, so you are not tempted to check in.
  • Distract yourself with another drink, or a swim in the pool when you find yourself thinking about work. (The all inclusive is awesome for keeping the drinks flowing when you need them!)

Apply this to real life when you get home and give yourself a mental break.

I will be going off grid every Sunday now, as I know the world will not blow up if I don’t check my emails and don’t look at Facebook!

Look after yourself and give yourself a break. And a mental break.

Book that time away, ditch the electronics for a period and absolutely stamp on that guilt about doing both!

You deserve it!!

Dedicated to your business success,