why your health is your #1 asset pin

As a business owner and parent, I take my health for granted.

I am always pushing myself to get things done, achieve set goals, be a good mum, have time for some friends and fun, squeeze in some exercise, etc, etc.

Well, last week, I was very much reminded that my health is my NUMBER ONE ASSET and when you take it for granted for a long time, it will finally say, “Enough!”

We had a busy week planned;

  • 3 TapSnap events
  • Friends coming to stay over for a night
  • A birthday party for the twins
  • Dinner on another night with different friends
  • Plus the normal school, preschool, life stuff.

Then gastro hit our household and most of the plans above were out the window!

It hit Leigh first, and we thought it was food poisoning to begin with. Some dicky Thai food.

He had to work the next day and we couldn’t get staff to cover, so he had to do the event anyway, feeling like death warmed up!

Then on Thursday, Charlie was sick in his classroom at school.

An hour later after we got them all home, Ella was being sick too.

An hour after that, Millie was sick, in the supermarket, as she and I were buying cleaning products to take care of everyone at home!

Thursday night saw 3 kidlets being sick at once, and a husband who still felt sick and was trying not to join in as he helped with the kids.

It was a sleepless night for everyone, as any slight cough had my husband and I flying out of bed into different rooms to work out which kid might be being sick! (Kinda funny now that I look back on it!)

Then Friday it was my turn and we were gastro central!

I had to:

  • Cancel the friends who were going to stay over that night
  • Cancel the twins going to the birthday party
  • Cancel dinner with our other friends
  • Find someone to cover me for the Sunday TapSnap event.

It was then that I thought:

I never get sick. I am always the one who doesn’t get sick enough to not work or to not do what we had planned. Sure, a cold or whatever, but nothing that Cold & Flu tablets couldn’t take care of.

I pretty much eat well, (but I do love me some chocolate every night!),  I exercise sporadically, and I always just KEEP ON DOING WHATEVER NEEDS DOING, CAUSE MY BODY LETS ME.

So when, you lose your health for a period (not lose it so much as have it not available for a period), it makes you realise how much you rely on being healthy to be able to do what you want, when you want.


We get these little wake up calls every now and then to remind us that we need to take care of ourselves and that if we don’t, our ability to do all that we do will be taken away from us, even if for just a short period.

So, now I am grateful for my health, and I am being more mindful about looking after it, as I know it is the foundation for all that I do, my hubby does and my kids do and without it, life pretty much stops.

So, are you looking after your Number 1 asset or taking it for granted to?

Big hugs to all you healthy business owners out there!

Ted xo