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Ever tried something and found it missed the mark?

We have and that is why The Franchise Parentpreneur was born.

Success Business Solutions wasn’t clear enough to let people know what we do.

It is generic business name, offering small business help, and while we have had a long life in the business world, it was in franchises.

And, as we have continued to blog and speak to people, we found (Ted in particular) has a really strong interest in finding ways to blend being a business owner and a parent.

Because having children changes the way you run your business. (And because there are those days, when we say; “There has to be a better way!)

There are events and things that pop up outside your control (like today, 2 sick kids at home, while we are trying to do this relaunch), that derail any plans you may have! Or make them take longer, in any case!

So, we thought about what we know:

  • Franchises

And what we are:

  • Parents and franchisees

And how that can help people:

  • Create a community where franchise parents can find ideas, help, or tips from each other
  • Make blending being a franchise owning parent easier
  • Find ways to manage the demands of both your business and your family
  • Share ways to get better results from where you spend your time, energy and focus that have worked for us, or others
  • A place to vent if needed!- cos we all have those days!

And we thought; Success Business Solutions doesn’t tell anyone that.

But The Franchise Parentpreneur does! And so, tah dah!! Here it is!

cropped-Logo-Mock-up53.pngOur logo says it all; You, your focus, time and energy will swing backwards and forwards between your franchise and your family.

Depending on what is happening with both, you will spend more time with one that the other. AND this is why many people beat themselves up, telling themselves that they are doing a bad job because they spend too much time at work, and not enough at home. Or vice versa.

Work life balance that everyone talks about immediately congers up images of scales for us, that are supposed to be in balance to be ‘right’, or ‘how you do it’, or ‘you are managing it all’.

We think this is BULL****!

We have had our fair share of guilt about not spending enough time with our kids or about not spending enough time growing our business and frankly, we’re done mentally beating ourselves up all the time! (Rest assured, we still do have those days though. We still need a daily dose to remind us to turn off that crap!)

We are only people, not superheros! There are only so many hours in the day. Only so many cups of coffee or energy drinks to get the required energy. There are only so many directions a person can be pulled before they say; “Screw this, I’m sucking at everything!”

So the first thing we want to tell franchise parents is;

  • Quit beating yourself up!
  • You are doing an awesome job!
  • Being a business owner and a parent IS HARD, so cut yourself some slack!

We are no experts, (that is for sure!), but we have given ourselves permission to tell the guilt and mind frick to take a hike and we just want that mental space and peace for you.

We will talk franchises and family and ways that can help you blend both together, in a way that works for you and your family. AND that may be different to the next franchisee, and that is FINE.

We will be talking about franchises in 2 parts;

Before you buy a franchise

Because as existing franchisees will tell you, once you are in, it can be hard to get out! So make sure that you are choosing the right one for you and your family, NOW and in the FUTURE.

And once you are a franchisee

Any help that we can find in ways to get your franchise to operate more smoothly, that takes the pressure off your time and allows you to choose where your energy and focus will be.

AND, it’s not just from us.

We will interview current franchise parentpreneurs and ask them what they do to blend business and family, with any tips they can give us.

Helping handIt takes a village, right?!

So, hi!

Welcome aboard!

Thanks for hanging out with us!

Feel free to send through any tips that you have or feedback on challenges you are having to

Big “you got this” hugs!

Ted xx