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Over the weekend I spent a lot of time with business owners at a training event and on hearing what I do, a business systems specialist, one question reoccurred over and over in the conversations I was having.

“How do I leverage myself OUT of my business?”

These business owners wanted to take their business to the next level and knew that do so successfully, they had to stop working IN their business so much and they had to start working ON their business.

But they didn’t know how to do that.

What do they let go of?

What do they need to keep doing to make sure their business didn’t go backwards, as it was supposed to go forward?

Here are some tips that I gave them:

 Work out where you ultimately want your business to be.

Picture what your business looks like when you picture it set up and operating as you dreamed it would be.

That is what you are ultimately moving towards.

Next, what are the jobs that you have to do every day now, right now, in your business. List them all out.  This is what you will be moving away from.

Next, what parts of your business do you want to do every day, if any and what parts would you like to hand off?

In thinking about this through, you need to also assess what you are good at. What is the best use of your time and what will give the best results?

Lastly, the parts that are going to be handed off: delegated, automated or outsourced, do you have people already who can help you with that, or do you need to find someone?

AND, what are you going to be doing with this “free time” now, to move your business forward?

Once you follow these steps, you can then see a path forward on how to have your ultimate business and you work forward from there.

Two things to keep in mind though;

Make sure your free time is used to grow your business, or you have added elements, even costs to your business, with no results.

And, when you delegate chores, you still have to OVERSEE the person, to make sure that the job is being done to your standards. If you delegate and don’t oversee, don’t be surprised if you check back in 3 months later and standards have dropped or they do things a different way.

Train the new person on how you like things done, what timeline they need to work to and how you will assess their performance. Once that is clear, let them take the task over, but watch and monitor.

I hope this has given you some idea on how to leverage yourself OUT of your business.

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It’s what we do!!

To your business success,