How to make your Sales POP this Christmas

Christmas is just over 1 month away and retail franchisees know that this is the busiest time of year.

It is CRUCIAL that you have a huge Christmas season with massive sales!

The cashflow will help set you up for the coming new year and with all the people out shopping, it is the perfect time to attract and wow new customers, in the hope that they will return again in the new year.

In this 3 part series, we will break down how to get ready to make this Christmas a record breaking one for your franchise.

Here’s what we will walk through:

  • Part 1; Setting the record targets
  • Part 2; Planning & getting ready
  • Part 3;  Executing the days (with a downloadable checklist)

Let’s get started and get some HUGE sales happenin’!


Part 1: Setting the record targets

To set record targets, you have to know what previous sales you are trying beat this year, so you need previous sales figures.

The beauty of a franchise is that the sales are recorded, and easy to access.

In Cobs Bread, we had a Versaterm that gave us and Head Office the Weekly Takings Analysis.

It recorded sales, staffing hours, wages, production amount, waste, ingredient costs, and had a space for notes about that week.

This is the type of thing that you will need to access for Part 1 of this series.

  • Step 1: Get your sales records from Christmas last year and the year before.
  • Step 2: Compare last year to the year before and look at the following:
  • Sales in the first year vs sales last year. How much of an increase did you have? You can have it as a percentage or a dollar figure, whatever you prefer.
  • Step 3: Work out what increase you are currently running at year to date in your franchise. We want to set a sales target that is higher than what you did at Christmas last year AND what you are currently running at day to day.
  • Here’s an example: If you increased sales 10% last Christmas from the year before AND you are currently running at 12% increase year on year so far for the year, you want to set a target of say 20%, 25% or even 30% increase!
  • This is the year that you are going to push yourself and your business and set record sales!
  • If you think the increase is too much, that’s good, because you don’t want to limit yourself and you may be surprised at what you will achieve this year by being super organised.
  • Step 4: Now that you have worked out what you are shooting for this year, it is time to plan how to get there and what you need each day for you to hit your target.

In Part 2, we will walk through what you need to organise between now and Christmas so that you can achieve that record target!

Make sure you check out our next post where we will work out how to schedule for the increase, how to make sure you have enough stock, what contingencies need to be in place to guarantee smooth running on the days, and heaps more!

It’s all good stuff that will make this Christmas a breeze and a record breaker!

Til next time,


Ted xx