Hi there fellow franchisee!

How is life in your franchise world? Are you rockin’ it, or are things not quite so rosy?

It takes someone who is in the trenches with you to really get what it is like owing a franchise 365 days of the year!

That’s why The Franchise Parentpreneur was born!

Here we are all about blending franchise ownership with life. We are parents, so we talk about being working parents but it can also apply to couples, singles, retirees or whoever.

What we wanted when we bought our franchise was a better lifestyle than what we had. Sometimes it worked out that way, sometimes it didn’t.

At TFP we don’t believe in Work/Life Balance. Trying to make everything 50/50, fair, even and balanced was just an unattainable, stressful dream for us! We would just get everything ‘balanced’ and life would come along and shift everything again!

So, we adopted The Work/Life Pendulum. We focus on you being the pendulum and how you can swing your time, energy and focus backwards and forwards between your franchise and your family in a way that works for you.

It’s about blending the two and that will look different for everyone and that is ok.

Whatever works to get you the business you want, the lifestyle and the time you want, and how to adapt when things change, so that the ‘wheels don’t fall off’ in either area!

We have a free e-book on how to adopt “The Work/Life Pendulum” for yourself and your family, so click below to download your copy now.

Need help with adopting the “Work/Life Pendulum” into your life?

We can help with that!

We mentor franchisees on what to take into their life, what to let go of and how to get control of the pendulum!

If this sounds like something that you would like to chat about,  click here.