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A Mentor gives and helps people.

Christmas is a time of giving and I was thinking about the mentors who have given me their wisdom, time and help throughout my franchise career.

I have had many people mentor me; my first boss Michelle and her brother Trevor, my husband Leigh (before he was my husband, he was just some guy in the same network as me!), Craig King my trainer for the Small Business Certification and a guy called Mark Hooper.

Mark was a Tech Baker within the Bakers Delight network, and I was having an issue with my first store. It was a good issue, don’t get me wrong, but it still stressed me just the same!

My store was WAY busier than expected and I was struggling to produce enough product for the influx of customers, enough staff to serve them all and enough energy for me to actually DO the job, make sure we kept up as best we could, PLUS do all the background office/business stuff, AND try to figure out how to fix it!

Can someone say not enough hours in the day!

So, sick of chasing my tail, disappointing my staff and customers, and seeing money walk out my door, I turned to Mark and asked him to look at what I was doing in my business and how I could fix it.

I was asking him as a “one off” if he could give me some ideas to try.

He became an ongoing mentor for me.

Not only did he look at how we were staffing people, producing our bread, our product mix, and our actual results so far, he came in to bake and help out on the floor.

He took mentoring to the next level and the results in my business were huge straight away.

He changed the way I produced the bread, moving things around for better flow. He moved start times on the schedule to have more people at the end of the day, when there was a big mess to clean up.

Then, he checked back in with me to see if those recommendations worked. Which they did!! In a huge way!!

It allowed me to finish the busy period with higher sales, and happier staff and customers. What an absolute gift!

BUT……..we also sat down in the following 6 months to recheck the system, the sales so far and began planning how to optimise the following year.

The following year saw me go from $35,000 per week in sales over the Christmas period, to $55,000 per week! What a MASSIVE impact this man had on my business!!

Coaches can also help you and give you the same impact as a mentor, and they are a great resource for a business person.

The AMAZING thing about a mentor is that they generally don’t give paid. They GIVE their time and wisdom because they know they are having an impact, and it makes them feel great to be able to help.

In 2016, I am planning to be a mentor to someone in their business, if there is any way that I can help people.

If you need any help with;

  • Your retail franchise store operations (staff, customer service, forward planning)
  • How to build systems in your business (to automate or delegate tasks to get more time back)
  • Ways to blend Family & Business Ownership (you have to know though, I don’t believe in work/life balance, so I can’t help you with that if you are seeking everything balanced, lol!)

REACH OUT with your question and I’ll be happy to help you in any way I can.

I have been given so much, I’d love the opportunity to give back. Shoot me an email at and I’ll be sure to connect with you. 🙂

Til next time,

Big Hugs

Ted xo