Are you one of those people who have a Bucket List?

A list of all the things that you are going to do within your lifetime, to feel that you have really lived?

I am one of those people.

My Bucket List has heaps of things on it; a lot are travel related, as I love to travel. Others are simple things like hanging a hammock on my front porch on my farm. Another is to like jogging. (I’m currently having a bash at that but I don’t ‘like’ it yet!)

I am also one of those people now who have an “I did it!” list.

This is the corresponding list that goes with your Bucket List, where you cross off all the things you’ve done, so you can look back and remind yourself what you have achieved.

I never did this until someone last year was speaking to me about their Bucket List and their “I Did It!” list, and I asked them what that was.

“It’s where I write down all the things I have done. You’d think that you’d just see them crossed out on your Bucket List, but when you see them on a page all of their own, pointing out all the amazing, life changing, crazy, scary, heart racing, mind blowing things that you have done in your life, it LOOKS better!

It is a catalogue that just shows achievements.

It is an account that shows you having lived your life and hitting some goals that were important to you.

It’s also there to remind you what you are capable of. There are times in life when you need a pick me up or a reminder of all that you have accomplished and this is a quick snapshot of that.

It also helps you to remember. When Leigh and I tried to do our list, there were definitely things that we had forgotten about. Thinking back to all the awesome things that we have done, makes you feel brilliant, even when work is full on, you have sick kids or it feels like a million years ago that you could have done anything like that!

Here are a few things that I have done (and some I had forgotten about):

  • Ridden an elephant in Thailand
  • Firewalked
  • Potholing (where you go caving underground. Forgot about this one! I did it when I was 16 and my claustrophobic self now really can’t believe it!)
  • Flyboarding
  • Eaten frogs legs in the Eiffel Tower restaurant

It’s not here to brag, or to make anyone else feel like you have a better life than them or you have achieved more than them.

It is a reminder to yourself that you have lived life, you have hit some of your goals, you have had awesome experiences and there is so much more on your Bucket List to do!

Take a minute and write your own “I DID IT!” List. It’ll be just what you need to look at on those days when you need a little pick me up.

Big hugs til next time

Ted xo