outsource automate or delegate

Smart, successful business owners know that to really take your business to the next level, you cannot do it all yourself.

You do not have the time.

You will not have the energy.

You cannot sustain an exhaustive workload over a long period of time.

So, how do you grow your business to the heights that you want, if you don’t have the time and energy?

You outsource, automate or delegate the jobs in your business that does not move your business forward.

I am talking about jobs like:

  • Entering the invoices into your accounting system
  • Doing errands like buying stationery or supplies
  • Training new hires over and over again yourself
  • Driving all over town to buy items on sale to save money

These jobs and anything similar are taking your time without giving you a return on that time. These are the types of jobs that successful business owners stop doing.

The way that they do that is to Outsource, Automate or Delegate.


Bookkeepers, Virtual Assistants, Freelancers or Consultants are all common people that business tasks are outsourced to.

They will do tasks such as:

  • All your invoice and data entry
  • Reconciliation of all your accounts and profit & loss reports
  • Answering emails and client inquiries
  • Social media posts and account upkeep
  • Build websites or online business sales pages
  • Create training programs for your staff
  • Do all your marketing

Of course you will pay for their services, but with the time that it frees up for you, you then concentrate on making money by growing sales and increasing profits.


It can be such a great stress reliever to get things set up, then forget them!

It frees your mind to concentrate on the more important tasks of customer satisfaction, or keeping staff happy.

Here are some things that we automate in our businesses:

Bill payments. Where suppliers allow it, like for utilities, we have authorized those payments to be applied to our credit card. Not only does it guarantee that it is always paid on time and protects our credit, we get travel points.

Rent payment. Our landlord direct debited the rent from our trading account. Again, this made sure we were never late with our rent. Therefore having a great payment record can help with lease renewals.

Office Supply orders. You can set up delivery of certain office supplies on a monthly basis. Know that your printer cartridges, paper and pens will arrive all by themselves and don’t spend time driving to Staples!

Lastly, you can delegate.

This is especially true if you have staff within your business. Many times staff will be eager to take on new tasks. This allows for them to keep learning, remain engaged in the workplace and be eligible for pay increases.

Here are some things that we delegate to our staff members:

Staff training. Basic training, designed by you, does not need to be delivered by you. You can train staff to follow a program you have put together, with your standards, your customer experience rules and how you want them to engage with your customers. This ensures that each new hire is being trained in the same way, but without you having to do it over and over again.

Government compliance. As a food retailer, local and federal laws regarding food handling, preparation and storage rules governed us. Once we had these required programs in place, we had staff members do the tasks required for us to stay compliant.

Ordering. We required ingredients to be delivered twice a week and it was the head baker’s job to do that, based on levels we had devised. We also needed packaging delivered each week and it was the sales manager’s job to order, again based on levels we had devised.

As you can see, any job that did not directly make money for us, we outsourced, automated or delegated, allowing us more time to focus on the jobs that did.

Stop trying to do it all yourself. You will end up exhausted and you are probably strangling your business.

Implement some or all of these suggestions and watch how much more time you get back and how much lower your stress levels are!

Dedicated to your Business Success,