part 3 includes checklist

Hello! Today we are finishing this series with Part 3 – “Executing the Day/s”.

This is where all your planning and preparation come together and the ‘rubber hits the road’ as they say.

So, let’s walk through it.

*Note – this is written for a production retail franchise. That may not apply to some of you reading this, but just take the concepts of planning, communication, preparation and fun and apply it to your franchise.*

Step 1: You have planned everything.

You have become a forward-planning, ‘map-it-all-out’ extraordinaire and you can see how the day will go in your mind!

You should be able to mentally check off all these things as done, as I list them off:

  • You have all the extras needed for the increased volume on site.
  • You have organised all the extra staff.
  • You have a game plan on how you will handle the extra volume and your staff know that game plan.

Step 2: Big Day Checklist

Trying to remember a million things always means that something gets missed on these big days, so we made up this checklist that we put up on the freezer and checked off when each thing was prepped and ready to go.

Click here (or right-click and Save As) for a copy of our checklist that you can download and use to remember everything for your big day.

Anything that makes life easy right?!

Step 3: Use a staff job list

Make absolutely sure that your staff know what is expected of them on this day, so there is no confusion and no areas where the ball is dropped, which could hurt your sales.

To ensure this didn’t happen and everyone was crystal clear on what we needed them to do, we had a job list sheet that we printed out and put on the freezer where everyone starting work could see it.

Click here (or right-click and Save As) for an example of what we used for Christmas Eve, which was the busiest day of the year in our bakery.

(Note: It’s not pretty and it doesn’t need to be! It’s an easy way to tell each person what their role is, so forgive me for not ‘gussying it up’ in Canva, but at least you know it’s real!)

When each new staff member begins their shift, they were directed to this list so they could see what their job was for the day. If at any time the store was lacking in one of these areas, we just looked at the sheet, saw who was responsible and went directly to that person to find out what was happening at that time. It saved running around asking people “who is supposed to be topping up tastings?” etc.

Time is money on these big days.

Step 4: Create an awesome atmosphere

Stress and tension can creep into these days.

You feel it because you are pushing your business forward. You have big numbers that you want to hit.

Your staff feel it from you. Some people react well to pressure, others don’t, and they don’t want to be responsible for messing up your big day.

Keep that in mind, so try and add some fun to the day.

Bring the snacks (chocolate works on almost anybody!), keep the coffee up, put on some tunes that the majority like, tell some jokes, wear Santa hats.

Make the staff look forward to the day and get excited about rockin’ your business.

They will take their cue from you, so take some big deep breaths, know that you are as prepared as you can be and trust your staff & the process.

AND know that there will be a big, fat beer waiting for you at the end of the day for all your hard work, now that you have hit those record targets!

You got this! Get out there and blow the lid off those sales!


Ted x0