I am all about feeling good in 2015. 

Releasing what does not serve me, embracing what does and making it a regular part of my life.

This has been something I really felt compelled to do since I turned 40 in October last year. It was time to really assess my life, weed out the “blah” and really step up in the areas that ‘spoke’ to me.

So, when I felt stressed, I decided that laughter would be my stress relief.

Oh my gosh, there is nothing that makes you feel more awesome and really makes your day feel fantastic, than to have a massive laugh, with tears streaming down your face and little giggles for the rest of the day as you remember what made you laugh.

I suck at remembering jokes, so I thought funny videos would be the way to go for me.

I jumped on YouTube and it has been my go to place since.

I LOVE blooper reels! I must have a sick sense of humor, but seeing people mess up, or fall over, or say the wrong thing is guaranteed to bring on the giggles.

Last week, I was laughing so hard at a game show blooper reel, that when the phone rang and it was something related to work, it was all I could do to not laugh during the call, as scenes kept flashing into my head!

I watched that at lunchtime and had comments in the afternoon from clients that I looked like I was having a good day! 

Laughter is such an easy thing to incorporate into your day, but ask yourself: when was the last time you laughed so hard, you had tears streaming down your face and you giggled about it all day?

Laughter has been shown to cure so many illnesses and leave our bodies in a state of pleasure and low stress, so it’s good for your health! Some medical facilities, like the Cancer Treatment Centres of America, have laughter as part of their treatment programs.

So, laugh today. Laugh hard. A real belly laugh. See how it makes you feel, how you view your world. Then laugh tomorrow. Gosh, it feels good!

I hope your weekend is as funny as hell!

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