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Hi there,

Last week I spoke about sitting back and looking at who does what in your business.

Was that eye opening for you? It was for me when I did it! I realized that I was doing pretty much everything and being “bogged down” in the day to day, wasn’t allowing me to grow my business the way I wanted to.

So I looked at what I could delegate out, automate and systemize to get some time back.

Here’s what I did;

Worked out what I was best at:

Customer Service, and Staff Management.

So those were going to be the areas where I spent my time. I would grow my business through giving outstanding service to my customers and up skilling my team would mean I made them more efficient, saving me money in wages.

Worked out what was taking me a lot of time, and not translating into profit:

Bookkeeping was the first area.

I had been doing this myself, so that I knew what was going on with my business. I realized though, that I didn’t have to enter everything, which took the time. I could get someone to do that, and just spend 1 hour with them, looking at the reports and the numbers so I still knew what was going on.

I hired a bookkeeper, and it was the best decision I ever made. She even had a cashflow program she used to keep track of my cash. This business was seasonal, so it really helped through the lean winter months.

Anyone love paperwork?

Here’s what she did;

  • Entered invoices
  • Took care of all staff compliance issues
  • Made all taxation compliance payments
  • Took care of all business compliance requirements
  • Produced a profit and loss report
  • Updated the cashflow program

She was worth her weight in gold and we have had a bookkeeper in every business since.

Consider getting one for your business, if you don’t already.

The next area I delegated out was ingredient ordering.

Our business required:

  • 4 orders a week
  • Inspection of the goods when it arrived
  • Putting it all away
  • Monthly stock take

This was adding up to around 4 hours per week and 2 hours for the stocktake. About 18 hours per month.

As part of my up-skilling staff, I trained a baker to do this and paid them $50 extra per week to take care of it.

We created base levels for everything, so he knew the minimum we needed on hand and how a promotion would alter that for some ingredients.

I also gave him an incentive to bring costs down, which saved me 1 or 2% on my ingredient costs over the year.

The bookkeeper was saving me about 3-4 hours per week, 12 hours per month and the baker doing the ordering was saving me about 18 hours per month.

I just found 30 hours per month! That is 360 hours a year that I could then spend building my business!!

Multiply that time into growing your business, and just see how it takes off!

This is the power of systems and delegation and this is how you get a business that gives you options.

We would love to help you systemize your business!!!

It’s what we do and giving business owners more options is our passion!

Book a complimentary Systems Strategy Session and get more time and money in your business!

To your business success,