“Having acquired the Master Franchise for Boost Juice Bars in the UK we spent a month working within Teriann’s business in Melbourne. Accepting that I am pretty experienced having run successful businesses for over 20 years, I was pleasantly surprised to learn so many new idea’s and business “best practices” during the months orientation.

Teriann was an extremely impressive trainer and was well able to work with team members of all ages and skill sets. Her personable nature and obvious business acumen and experience made it a really worthwhile investment of time and effort. Following on from that we launched Boost Juice into the UK in April 2007 and now operate 8 stores with a pipeline of stores lined up for the forthcoming years. I have no doubt that our time spent working with Teriann made a great impact upon our successful launch of Boost in the UK”

Richard Sullivan, Master Franchisee, Boost Juice Bars, UK
“I have known Leigh for over 15 years, where he under took a three and a half year apprenticeship at Bakers Delight Camberwell. Leigh not only completed it but was one of my stand out performers, so much so, I offered him an opportunity to run and operate one of my businesses. Over a 2 year period Leigh increased turn over by more than 30%, an incredible effort considering the store had been operating for more than 10 years.

Leigh has showed quality skills on many aspects within the business, from managing of people, quality control, customer service, leading teams, the training of staff, as well as a complete analysis of book keeping, from wages to rostering with dollar cost averages. It was his detailed breakdown of overheads and eye for profitability which was one of Leigh’s strengths. His professionalism would be a wonderful asset to any company and I would highly recommend his services as I still use his skills today within by businesses.”

Mathew Simkin, Franchisee, Bakers Delight Camberwell
“After months of deliberating, my husband and I decided that we would like to buy our own business. …This was such a daunting task as we had been warned about how easy it was to become emotional about a business opportunity and how this could cloud our judgment.

Fortunately we heard about Leigh and Teriann Matheson and invested in their Business Buying Blueprint.  Not only were we armed with the right questions but also we were able to stay focused on the facts and reduce our emotional involvement. As a result, we were able to look past the “bells and whistles” and discover that the first business we looked into was in fact not financially viable.

They provided us with a clear and concise process to follow as first time business buyers. We had all the questions we needed to know answered, as well as the answers to many more we hadn’t even thought of asking.”

Katrina & Shaun Doyle