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Time for a product review today: The Pomodoro App

Can you say ‘love’!!

I LOVE this app!

I was put onto this app by Racheal Cook and her Fired Up & Focused Challenge held in September this year.

(She will be running it again in January if you are interested. It’s a 21 day challenge and it’s awesome! To find out more info, go to her site www.rachealcook.com)

If you are looking for a way to get more focused and increase your productivity in your business, this is it.

Each pomodoro is 25 minutes long, with a 5 minute break after each round.

The way this was explained to me in the challenge was; “Get focused, get intense and get stuff done.”

Then, when the 5 minute break is on, move your body, rest your mind, breathe and relax.

Then, back to into it for another 25 minutes.

I find that the ticking of the pomodoro really focuses my mind and puts pressure on me to get moving.

At 25 minutes, it is not too long to remain focused on a task and sometimes I will skip the 5 minute break if I am right into something.

As busy franchise parentpreneurs, this can be used in your business to get everything on your ‘to do list’ done.

You can also use it at home. It helps me get motivated to clean ( I need all the motivation I can get!) and to focus with 3 kidlets running around.

It even changes your language and thought pattern. I say to myself now “I can just pomodoro that and get it done.”

Do yourself a favour and get this app.