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Are you a positive person?

As a business owner, the number of things that can pop up in your day can be staggeringly ENORMOUS!

The mindset that you have around your business, your home life and life in general can totally dictate how you are going to deal with those things that pop up.


You go to work, expecting to do certain things, like serve your customers, do some paperwork, catch up with your staff and generally get to the business of creating some income.

Instead what pops up can be;

  • An unhappy, very verbal customer!
  • Internet that is down or sloowwwww, which makes doing paperwork take soooooo long!
  • Staff that tell you that they have exams coming up and they need a week off to study ( Next week! Didn’t they know about that ages ago and why are they only telling me now?!!)
  • It’s a glorious day outside and everyone is out in the sunshine (which is beautiful to look at, but keeps the tills empty, because no one is at the mall on a day like this)

You can erupt (internally anyway) and start down the track of;

  • What is that customer’s deal? The bread was fine! She didn’t need to lose her mind! Go take a chill pill lady!
  • Or WTF is with this internet! Just work dammit! I don’t have time to sit here and take hours to do this paperwork! Ugh, I hate paperwork!
  • You get the drift! “Staff are a hassle, why can’t I be outside enjoying the sunshine, all I do is work, my life sucks, then I have to go home and clean the house, ugh, my life sucks!”

It’s very easy to get on that slide and continue riding it all the way down.

We are all familiar with the idea that:

  • What we think we become.
  • Our thoughts have energy.
  • Our thoughts shape our lives.

With so many draws on our mental energy as a business owner, I have found it really important to try and safeguard my thoughts from starting down the negative by setting up ways to get daily positive reminders.

I read The Secret app as the first thing I do every morning. It gives me a reminder that my thoughts create my world and my thoughts should be positive.

I subscribe to blogs that talk about positivity, gratitude and happiness. Here are ones I love:

I finish the day by writing down all the things I am grateful for and putting it into my gratitude jar. Somedays it can get down to the fact that I am alive and healthy, my family is alive and healthy and I have a comfy bed to fall into!

BUT, there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for and by making myself look for it every day, I can always find something.

By setting up a way that I can be positive about in the morning, throughout the week as the blogs come in, and every night, my chances of maintaining a positive outlook, and the power that brings, are good.

It helps to reframe the things that pop up.

The unhappy “take a chill pill lady” can more easily become:  “a person giving me feedback. Sure, its a little LOUD, but you need to listen, so GO!”

What can you set up for yourself, so that you can also harness the POWER OF BEING POSITIVE?

I just want you guys to fly, so I hope this helps!

Til next time,

Big hugs!

Ted xo