Change is a word that many people have a problem with, yet our world changes around us everyday, and now days, it changes really quickly!

The days of having maybe one or two jobs in your lifetime are gone.

Even having the same job for 5 or 10 years is becoming rarer.

I am taking a different tact on the job scene myself.

After years of being a business owner in a franchise, (4 different franchise systems to date), I am going to try the other side of the equation; working FOR the franchisor.

I’m about to become a District Manager (also known as a Business Consultant, or Area Manager in the franchises I have been part of) for a franchise and I will be the person coming into the business to work with the franchisee to grow their business.

I am really excited by this different path. This choice will allow me to see if my skills at building businesses are transferrable to other people’s businesses where I can get the same result for them and to be able to help people.

It got me thinking about the fact I am embracing this change and it gives me the chance to reinvent myself and find a new facet of my life.

I will grow, get new skills, face new challenges and I’m really looking forward to this next step.

How many times have you reinvented yourself in your business life so far?

What were some of the challenges and what were some of the best parts?

Reinventing yourself is a good thing! Is it time for you to reinvent yourself?

Til next time,

Ted xx