Systems save you from thinkingCan you relate to this?

Being tired or overwhelmed or too busy to really pay attention in your business sometimes?

You can be like a robot, just going through the motions by muscle memory and you can easily lose track of time?

I found myself doing that recently when I was sorting receipts to get ready for my bookkeeper to do an end of month visit.

I had not been sleeping much. All 3 of our young kids had been waking up in the night and with my husband helping out a friend baking, he wasn’t home and it meant I was getting up multiple times each night.

I was exhausted, and sorting receipts was the last thing I felt like doing, but this needed to be done, as she was due to come the next day.

So I got out my wallet, started sorting through my papers, putting them into the right folder of my filing system, so it was easy for her to find.

I was also writing on each receipt what category it was for; stationary, staff amenities, training etc.

Then, all of a sudden I realized that I had zoned out for the last little bit, that I had gone into half asleep, dreamland and I had lost all track of time!

But as I looked around, I saw that I had sorted all my receipts and my invoices and everything I had to do was done.

And it was then that it hit me: I had created a system, and I could now do it without even thinking! Without even paying attention!

I had made it so easy, so streamlined, so straight forward that even though I was mentally zoning out, and I was not conscious of time, I got it done anyway, through memory and repetition.

How many of you business owners would like to have parts or all of your business systemized, so that times when you or the staff members you have given that role to, are zoned out like me, (and let’s be honest, we all get like that at times!) YET THEY STILL GET THE JOB DONE!

I had a client say to me recently “I always thought that creating systems sounded like too much work to get them set up. But your systems are so simple, that once I had them in place, I asked myself why I hadn’t done this years before and saved myself all that time!”

So does having simple systems in place, that save you time, increase your efficiency and work EVEN WHEN YOU ARE NOT THINKING sound appealing?

If your answer is yes, click here to book a Systems Strategy Session, and let’s get some easy, simple to use systems happening in your business!

Because let’s face it, being a business owner can mean a very busy life and if there is any way to make it easier, then you’d be crazy not to jump all over it!

Dedicated to your business success,