What are your thoughts when you hear the term, work life balance?

blog 8 pendulum watch pinterestSome people I know think it is a load of bunk and is unattainable.

Others I know use it as the guide to all that they do and strive to achieve it everyday.

Personally, I try to adopt it in all that I do, but I often think that the word balance feels more like a pendulum!!

We have 2 businesses, 3 kids aged 4 and under, a dog and investment properties and sometimes,balance is not something easily attained!

Depending on what is happening in “life” at the time, I can spend more time focusing on work and family time is reduced, or the kids will be doing something that will mean that I will have to take time away from work.

I know this is the norm for most people, and this is why people often think that work life balance is not attainable.

In my view, it can be attainable most of the time and the times when something comes up, that is when it is a pendulum instead.

Here is our day and how we incorporate the balance;

Wake up – 9am:       Family time

9am-4pm:                 Work time

4pm-7:30pm:           Family time

7:30pm – bed:          Work time/chill time depending on workload.

Here are some key things I do in each time to be present within each time:

1.    Each night, I write down my to do list for the following day, so that I know what I need to do and what to prepare for.

2.   In the morning, I focus on the kids, as I am already prepared for work.

3.   I start work with focus and get right into it, and I don’t spend ½ hour working out what needs to be done.

4.   I don’t look at email until my most important tasks are finished.

5.  Just before 4pm, I look at what I need to finish for the day and plan to do that once the kids are in bed.

6.   I try not to answer my phone or look at email between 4-7:30, unless it is absolutely critical, or I am expecting something, so I can really focus on my kids.

7.    This time is when we also like to take our dog for a walk, as it gives her and us exercise, and we can talk about our day.

8.   A few nights a week, I try to chill out by watching the shows on my PVR, as a way to give myself some downtime.

Nothing in here is earth shatteringly different from what you have heard before, but by consciously trying to incorporate work life balance into my life, I have found that I am paying attention and getting results in all the important areas of my life.

If you need help incorporating some balance into your life, sign up for a Systems Strategy Session at www.successbusinesssolutions.com

It is free and for 30 minutes, we will talk about you and your business and your life and find ways you can incorporate work life balance too.

With a little bit of planning and adopting a system, you can bring your pendulum back into balance too!

To your business success,