All working parents who are in a position of management will identify with this:

You’re fired!The times when you wish that you could fire your child the same way that you can with a staff member who is under performing!

I know that there will be some of you out there that will think;

  • What a horrible thing to say!
  • Does she get off on firing people?
  • Does she just fire people who annoy her?
  • Man, she shouldn’t be a mum!
  • One day her kids will fire her!

As a business owner for many years, I have had countless employees and you get very used to telling people what to do and having people do it.

Of course they do, I am the boss, I pay their wages and I am giving them direction within their job on what needs to be done.

So, when you have children and you are trying to give them direction on what needs to be done, AND THEY DON’T DO IT, you wish you were at work, where you could write them up for non performance if they continued to ignore you and then dismiss them if they didn’t improve!

Obviously, you can’t do that with your kids! (Not for wishing it sometimes, that’s for sure!)

I know all they hear when I tell them to do something is “Blah, blah, blah”. I’ll be honest and tell you that was what I heard when my mum used to tell me to do something! I didn’t listen, like a normal kid, and now karma is coming back to bite me on the bum, by giving me 3 kids who don’t listen!

As a ‘director’ personality, not having things done when you ask them to be, is something that I am sure one day will make my head explode!

I don’t want to come across as someone who is a dictator and I expect everyone to do it my way or the highway! I am not that type of personality. I am great in a team, taking ideas from everyone around me. What I am good at too, is then taking the idea that everyone agreed on and executing it. I have the drive, the focus and the tenacity to ‘get it done.’

So, when 3 minute, ‘still need you to help me with my shoe laces and cleaning my teeth’ little people won’t toe the line after I have told them to do the same thing 10 times, I feel like I will be like that woman in that movie whose head spins around on her shoulders!!

How many times do I have to repeat myself?!!!!

I want to issue them 2 weeks notice!

Anyway, so this is a shout out to all the manager, Type A mums out there that kick ass in business and drive their businesses to massive heights, who then get their butt kicked at home by little people under 4 feet!

I hear ya, I feel for ya and I use scotch to make my head stop spinning!

Hope that helps you!

Dedicated to your Business Success